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HL 50 Acoustic Water Leak Survey Tool

HL 50 Accoustic Water Leak Survey Tool

The Megger HL 50 accoustic water leak survey tool is an excellent tool for contractors, plumbers, and small water systems for reliably locating water leaks.  It couples excellent performance with a simple user interface, with integrated LCD digital display allowing the user to visually see measured sound level and a bar graph depiction as well.  

This unit comes in either a basic or municipal kit, which offers a PAM B2 microphone and higher grade headphones.  

  • Its outstanding acoustic properties enable HL 50 to reliably locate all types of leaks.
  • Three filter settings allow the equipment to be perfectly adjusted to the individual task and suppress interfering background noise.
  • Pressing the mute switch will store the current measured sound level and store it for comparison.
  • Large, backlight LCD screen is integrated for very good readability under all light conditions.
  • Greater versatility is gained by combining the HL 50 with the sensitive GM80 wind protected ground microphone.
  • A heavy duty contact mic is available. 
  • Smart integrated battery management for long lasting operation.


pdfHL 50 User Handbook
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pdfHL 50 Brochure/Datasheet
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HL 50 Components & Accessories:


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Vivax Metrotech PAM B2 Contact MicrophonePAM-B2 Contact Microphone

Vivax Metrotech GM80 Ground MicrophoneGM-80 Ground Microphone

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