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Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Indepth Utility Solutions covers the complete spectrum of water leak detection products.  We offer Megger acoustic water leak survey tools, acoustic zone monitoring and locating systems, as well as computer based correlator systems.  



HL 50 Accoustic Water Leak Survey Tool

The Megger HL 50 accoustic water leak survey tool is an excellent tool for contractors, plumbers, and small water systems for reliably locating water leaks.  It couples excellent performance with a simple user interface, with integrated LCD digital display allowing the user to visually see measured sound level and a bar graph depiction as well.  

HL-5000 Leak Detector

HL5000™ (Pinpointing Tool) The HL5000 Water Leak Locator is the next generation of quality water leak detection instruments.

HL 5000-H2 Leak Detector

The HL5000-H2™ Leak Detector is the next generation of high quality leak detection instruments.

HL6000X Professional Digital Correlator

The HL6000X™ Correlator system will quickly and efficiently pinpoint leaks in water pipes of any material. This latest sophisticated correlation method helps you to save time and avoid expensive unnecessary digging.

HL 6000X-PC Leak Correlator

The Megger HL 6000X-PC personal computer based professional digital correlator is used for finding leaks in water pipe systems.  

HL 7000 Metrolog Noise Loggers

The HL7000™ Metrolog noise logger system is an acoustic zone monitoring system with level and frequency analysis and radio transmission for short term or permanent monitoring of water pipe networks. The Metrolog HL7000 is suitable for use on all pipe materials.

LOG CORR Correlating Logger System

The LOG CORR correlating logger system uniquely combines the leak locating technologies of leak correlators and leak noise loggers into a system that allows for preventative leak detection night and day.

Leak Spy Logger System

The Megger Leak Spy™ AMR/AMI Noise Logger System is especially designed for Acoustic Zone Monitoring with very advanced technology.


The hydrophone Pam Hydro-2 listens for leaks through the water column of a pipe section.  

UDM 200-M Mobile Ultrasound Flow Meter

The UDM 200-M™ is a lightweight, portable ultrasonic flow measurement  device for water pipes.

RSP-3 Pipe Knocker

The RSP-3 uses a non- destructive impulse generator, the RSP-3 provides an impulse sound directly to non-metallic pipes, hydrants or valves.